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Do your kids skip breakfast? Here’s how doing so puts their health at great risk

Is it “too early” to eat? Is there no time before school? Your children may be putting themselves at risk of malnutrition by skipping breakfast. A study by the King’s College London found that children who skip breakfast regularly may not be consuming the recommended daily amounts of key nutrients required for growth and development. Children who ate breakfast every day were deemed to have overall superior nutritional profiles compared to those who didn’t. While the study was unable to identify a causal link, these children were found to have…

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Here’s how leaky calcium puts epileptics at heart risk

Here’s how leaky calcium puts epileptics at heart risk (Keith Brofsky/Getty Images) Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) has long bedeviled doctors and now, a team of researchers may have found the cause of it. In a paper, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine reported how a mutation in a gene involved in the regulation of calcium inside brain cells can help trigger blackouts of the brainstem, the center that controls heartbeat and breathing, and increase the risk of sudden unexpected death. “SUDEP turns out to be the most common…

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