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Having Vitamin B Supplements May Reduce Schizophrenia Symptoms

Vitamins are essential for various functions in our body. It is not without reason that doctors advise us to eat more fruits and vegetables, and even take vitamin supplements to meet the daily requirement. The hectic lives that we live, most often we tend to ignore the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet. As such our intake of vitamins and minerals hit a low, which then can cause various ailments. We need to keep reminding ourselves that these nutritional components are responsible for boosting your immunity, regulating your blood…

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Using Supplements in the Legal Way and with Precaution

When you buy a steroid or a supplement you need to abide by the laws of the state. One needs to know how to but the solution without the legal intervention. In case there is the necessity to buy steroid one has to abide by the existing laws of the state. In this case, to buy the medicine you need to have a prescription from the physician. One cannot buy a supplement without the permission of the doctor. However, supplemental laws in the USA are not so easy and due…

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Calcium Supplements Tied to Higher Dementia Risk for Some Women

Some older women who take calcium supplements commonly recommended to ward off age-related bone damage may face an increased risk of developing dementia, a small study suggests. The heightened dementia risk appears limited to women who have had a stroke or suffer from other disorders that affect blood flow to the brain, researchers report in the journal Neurology. “Our study is the first to show a relationship between calcium supplementation and increased risk for dementia in older women,” said lead author Dr. Silke Kern of the University of Gothenburg in…

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