Leadership Spotlight: Jen Robertson, Software Engineering Manager

Each month, we’re interviewing members of Volusion’s leadership team to gain insight into the people behind the company. This month, we’re talking with Volusion’s Software Engineering Manager, Jen Robertson.

How did your background prepare you for joining Volusion?

Prior to joining Volusion, I was working at a very fast-paced startup called Pinpoint. Working in this environment really helped me learn to move quickly even when there is ambiguity. I learned to fail fast and pivot quickly when necessary. This has helped me tremendously here at Volusion as we are trying to deliver to our customers quickly, but do not always have all of the answers.

What were you most eager to work on when you came onboard?

When I first joined Volusion, I was excited to reimagine Volusion’s existing platforms. In the initial months, I was tasked with creating a new plan for what the Volusion platform would look like and how we could leverage new, innovative technology to deliver a speedy, robust experience for our customers.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of professional advice I received was from my boss Chiu Lee during my time at eBay. He explained and demonstrated that when you genuinely care about the people on your team, they will want to work hard and do their best. People often go above and beyond when they feel appreciated and heard. I also learned that empathy is the key to being a great leader.

What do you think are some of the biggest unrealized opportunities for ecommerce businesses at the moment?

One of the things I find myself wishing for when shopping online is a service that receives a picture of a room or an outfit and returns a link to all the items pictured for purchase in one transaction. As a consumer, loving a certain look but then needing to hunt down individual pieces is exhausting and not always fruitful. I would be willing to pay extra for a service that did this for me.

Does your team have anything exciting in the pipeline?

Yes, we have all kinds of exciting things in the pipeline. Currently, we are working on a Proof Of Concept for Spreedly, which will be huge for the business in terms of PCI compliance. Our team is also working to deliver a new microservice for Carts, which continues to build on our vision to modernize our platform. It will enable additional features and integrations around abandoned carts and remarketing.


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