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Hairy e-skin to allow robotic limbs to ‘feel’

Scientists are developing robots with hairy electronic skin that can “feel” its surroundings, an advance that may give people with prosthetic limbs a better sense of touch. “We are interested in integrating the sensor into robotic arms for people with disabilities to give them the capability to feel a complex environment and handle things more easily,” said Lifeng Hao, a researcher at the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. Human skin relies on hair for its sense of touch. To mimic this, researchers built artificial hairs using magnetic cobalt-based microwires….

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Apple Could Soon Finally Allow iPhone, iPad Users to Hide Stock Apps

Most iPhone and iPad users, if not all, have a folder on their home screen that reads something like this: “Apple apps,” “junk,” or “useless.” This folder usually contains Apple-made stock apps such as Compass, Calculator, Stocks, Find my iPhone, Voice Memos, Apple Watch, and Weather. For years,Apple has been criticised for not giving users the ability to remove or hide these stock apps, and it appears, the company plans to give its customers some flexibility with the next version of iOS. Folks at AppAdvice looked into the metadata of…

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