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Stay healthy on a budget. Here are five inexpensive superfoods for you

There’s more to superfoods than kale and chia seeds. And not all superfoods require you to spend a lot of money. Nutritionists suggest natural superfoods to ensure you stay in good health. * Turmeric: An excellent anti-inflammatory, turmeric can be used to relieve aching joints and tendinitis. It also activates serotonin, the ‘good mood’ hormone. According to a 2014 Australian study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a gram of turmeric every morning can improve the memory power of people at risk from age-related cognitive decline. The powdered root can be sprinkled on…

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Trump: Slash the health research budget. Congress: No.

Budget appropriators have rejected Trump’s vision for a slimmer NIH — at least for now.Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images It has been a jittery couple of months for the health research community, as the Trump administration has been casting about for spending to cut from the federal budget. In March, the White House threatened the National Institutes of Health with a $1.2 billion budget cut this year, followed by another $5.8 billion cut in 2018. Some of that anxiety was just allayed — at least temporarily. In an agreement reached…

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Five Flagship Features All Budget Phones Must Have Too

When it comes to Indian smartphone market, the budget segment is where all the action is. This is evident from the fact that most leading brands, as well as Chinese handset makers, are targeting the segment with the most expensive of these phones being priced at around Rs. 20,000. This inevitably leads to a higher level of competition with brands bringing in advanced features so as to stay ahead in the rat race. The race is already on with brands like Xiaomi and LeEco bringing premium features such as fingerprint…

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