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Dear senior citizens, here’s why you should have a personal physician

When it comes to health care quality of older adults, “personal physicians” play an important role, according to a recent study. The Wolters Kluwer research found that about five percent of older adults on Medicare don’t have a “personal physician,” and this group scores lower on measures of health care quality. “Beneficiaries without personal physician report worse care experiences, rating their overall quality of care substantially lower than those with a personal physician,” according to the new research by Marc N. Elliott and colleagues. They believe that encouraging Medicare recipients…

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Dear senior citizens, bi-weekly exercise can improve thinking ability, memory

Exercising twice a week may improve thinking ability and memory in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), suggests a recent study. Researchers explained that people with MCI have milder symptoms like they struggle to complete complex tasks or have difficulty in understanding information they have read, whereas people with dementia have trouble with daily tasks, such as dressing, bathing and eating. Mild cognitive impairment is a medical condition that is common with ageing. While it is linked to problems with thinking ability and memory, it is not the same as…

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Senior citizens, beware: Ageing can delay your perception of falls

Delay in perception of falls is part of getting older which thereby increases the risk of injury or death in seniors, says a recent study. The findings will help shape the development of wearable fall prevention technology and allow clinicians to more accurately identify at-risk individuals. “Falling threatens one’s survival,” said Michael Barnett-Cowan, a kinesiology professor at Waterloo and senior author on the study. “When the nervous system’s ability to detect a fall and compensate with protective reflexes diminishes, the risk of injury or death increases significantly. “Age and associated…

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