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Are You Sleep Deprived? You May Find It Hard to Remember Things

Every person spends one third of his or her life sleeping. Sleep, which is a daily function, is not simply a resting period for all systems of the body going into a passive state. This is the time when the body enters into an active renewal process. Now let’s see how the human body renews itself in sleep. Sleep is among the critical necessities of human life. Our body needs sleep as much as it needs water, oxygen and food. A refreshing sleep is of vital importance in order to…

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20 Percent People Sleep Deprived Globally: Survey

One in every five people across the world is sleep deprived owing to reasons ranging from lifestyle, odd working hours and personal obligations, a survey said ahead of World Sleep Day. The poll, conducted by Curofy – India‚Äôs largest community of verified doctors – was part of an effort to raise awareness about sleep disorders on the occasion. “There is a large population suffering from sleep disorder and our agenda on the World Sleep Day was to showcase these numbers and spread awareness about the bad effects of taking sleeping…

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