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Navratri 2017: Here’s how fasting detoxifies the body and improves immunity

Fasting can detoxify the body, provided that good amount of fruits, vegetables, milk products and unsweetened beverages are included. It can also improve cardiovascular function, blood composition, and blood pressure, say experts. * Drinking a lot of liquids such as coconut water and herbal tea help aggressively in flushing out toxins from the body and maintaining electrolyte balance. * Another benefit of fasting is that it brings self-discipline and keep us away from eating unnecessary snacking. * Following the pattern of the traditional and Satvik diet that includes fruits, lassi (Buttermilk), lemon water,…

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Walking Improves Your Heart Health

A simple walking regimen can go a long way in improving your heart health, say researchers. “We know walking is an excellent form of exercise, but research has been mixed on how successful a walking programme can be in changing biological markers such as cholesterol, weight, blood pressure,” said Pamela Stewart Fahs, Professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York. The researchers found that moderately intensive walking improves cardiovascular risk factors in the short term. For the study, a group of 70 women were tested as part of their…

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Healthy Lifestyle Improves Brain Function

If you exercise before work, or forego fried food for fruits and salads, you can expect brain functions to improve over time, according to a new study. Living a healthier lifestyle could increase executive function, which is the ability to exert self-control, set and meet goals, resist temptation and solve problems, the study said. “People who make a change to their health behaviour, like participating in physical activity, eating less processed food, or consuming more fruits and vegetables, can see an improvement in their brain function over time and increase…

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