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Understanding your pets

Considering pets cannot verbally communicate we should ideally be more understanding and receptive to their needs, requirements and health. Over the time people have learnt that homemade food albeit fresh is not a complete and balanced meal for the pet primarily because the nutrition requirements differ from humans. In India much like the western countries the focus on pet health and care is growing rapidly. They are more often taken to veterinary doctors not just when they are unwell but for overall annual health check-ups. The other big trend that…

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Keeping Pets Could Be The Best Thing For Child Development

There’s no greater joy than coming home and finding an overly enthusiastic creature waiting to embrace you and show affection. Pets are the epitome of unconditional love. Their presence in the house brings the whole family together and puts an end to the blues. Imagine coming home after a tough day at work and seeing your dog wagging his tail excitedly at the sight of you. That instant you will find your sorrows vanish and the feeling of happiness seep in. No wonder dogs are known as man’s best friend….

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