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Should You Cook in Earthen Pots? Get Back to the Basics!

Have you ever tried handi chicken? If you have, you would know the difference of the taste of the chicken as compared to what is cooked in normal utensils. In the olden times, people in rural India along with storing water in earthen pots or surahi, also used to cook in clay pots or handi, which was healthy and flavoursome. Earthenware had always been an intrinsic part of Indian households, however, now with different types of utensils available, earthen pots are barely used. You will see many urban households have…

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Stop Cooking in Aluminium Pots: It Can Harm Your Child’s IQ

Want your kid to perform well at school? Ensure cooking meals in non-aluminium vessels. A recent report published in Total Environment’s journal studies the ill-effects of consuming meals cooked in aluminium vessels on kids. According to the study, when food gets in contact with aluminium, harmful agents find their way inside the body. This can harm children’s mental health as well as their Intelligence Quotient. Traces of cadmium and lead, when consumed through food, can damage kidney, harm brain and may lead to various cardiovascular and mental ailments besides other…

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