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This simple soup has magical healing powers!

1. Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth! There is a very old saying that a “Good broth will resurrect the dead” and we can’t agree more. You must have heard your grandmothers talk about the healing powers of soups and stocks whenever you catch cold or are suffering from a bad ailment. It’s a known fact that broths have some certain magical healing powers and even allopathic medicines sometimes don’t stand a chance before them. They help heal faster and are loaded with nutrients. Broths of beef, chicken, fish and…

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Japanese Mothers Know Best: Arrowroots Healing Powers

I watched the lined-up buckets fill with brackish brown water as they sat on a bare concrete floor, wet with icy cold water. Not far from them were snow-white blocks of almost-finished product in wooden containers, undergoing a final drying process. What a stark contrast. This production of kudzu-ko, or arrowroot starch, requires only a plant’s rhizome and clean well water (the brown water is the result of washing the rhizomes to remove impurities). The skin comes off during a rolling process that eventually creates the snow-white powder. This pure…

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