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Prenatal Alcohol Exposure to Alcohol and Stress May Make Kids Aggressive

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is a debatable topic. While some believe that you must completely avoid alcohol and also smoking cigarettes during pregnancy, some say that an occasional drink may be alright. But a new study, conducted by researchers from King’s College London and the University of Bristol, clearly indicates that consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and exposure to stress can cause certain epigenetic changes at birth that can make the child more prone to aggressive behaviour. Epigenetic changes refer to external modifications to the DNA that turn the genes ‘on’ or…

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Prenatal Exposure to Plastic Chemicals May Develop Depression in Boys

Baby boys exposed to a common chemical used in plastics before delivery are more likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression at the age of 10-12, a new study has revealed. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a component of some plastics found in food containers, plastic water bottles, dental sealants and thermal receipt paper. In the body, BPA is a synthetic estrogen, one of the class of chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors.” The new study, published in the journal Environmental Research examined early life exposure to the chemical BPA. A…

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