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Weekend Detox Plan by An Expert: Rejuvenate and Reboot

Binging, binging, binging…all in the name of Diwali. Card parties, family get-togethers, office get-together, you name it. Overfed, over tired and the body screaming for a break! That is my state today, so this weekend, I am going to ‘detox’,  relaxing my digestive system, resting my brain and relieving my skin of all the indulgences of the past month. This is also the time when autumn is fading into winter, so breaking away from the usual helps the body get ready for the next season. Detox Menu: Start your morning…

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Savasana, the maximum relaxing Yoga Pose: Time to Reboot, no longer Sleep

on the give up of every yoga class, you already know those short time while you’re asked to lie down instantly, together with your legs positioned aside and hands by using your aspect. it’s far a second when you oscillate among rest and pleased sleep with the aid of appearing an historic yoga asana called Shavasana or Savasana (stated as Shuh-vaas-ana) that takes its name from Sanskrit phrases ‘shava’ because of this cobra and ‘asana’ which means submit.How tough should enjoyable at the ground be, right? incorrect! it’s as hard…

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