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Father’s Diet May Impact the Son’s Ability to Reproduce

A healthy diet is the king. It can save you from various ailments and slow down signs of ageing. The times we live in, there are all sorts of processed food products available in the market which are delicious no doubt but come loaded with chemicals and unwanted calories that adversely affect our health. It is therefore essential to choose right and eat mindfully. How you eat doesn’t only affect your health at present and in the future, but could have implications on your future offspring. Research suggests that it’s…

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Capacity of humans to reproduce beyond 30 is reducing

Capacity of humans to reproduce beyond 30 is reducing (Getty Images) The capacity to reproduce both in males and females beyond the age of 30 has witnessed a steep decline due to lifestyle and environmental changes, fertility experts said. According to the experts, until two decades ago females could become pregnant even in their late 30s, but now the only option left for even younger women to conceive is through IVF. Women are born with with 1-2 million eggs, which is reduced to 100-200 thousand in the early 20s. As…

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