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Roger, the world-famous ripped kangaroo dies at 12. Social media is heartbroken

Roger, the buffed up kangaroo who lived at a sanctuary in Australia died recently at the age of 12. He passed away because of old age. Roger received worldwide recognition for his impressive physique. Roger was rescued by a man named Chris Barns as an orphan joey while he was still trapped inside his dead mother’s pouch. When Chris found him, he decided to open a kangaroo sanctuary. The kangaroo grew up to be the alpha male at the sanctuary and was an amazing one at that. He stood tall…

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What a ripped guy would eat at every fast food restaurant ever

No one thinks fast food is healthy. Whether it’s for convenience or cravings, though, sometimes the drive-thru is unavoidable. You can definitely hit Micky D’s without wrecking your six pack, but most of the mouth-watering options your eyes (and stomach) gravitate toward will set you back a few days. And even some of the healthier options at most places are packed with sodium which can add to water retention and bloating, points out New York-based nutritionist Jessica Cording, R.D. Rather than rolling up and trying to guess what you think is…

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