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Maintaining balance: Blood sodium levels may affect cognition in older adults

Scientists have found that lower levels of sodium in the blood – known as hyponatremia – is linked with a decline in cognitive function with advancing age. Hyponatremia occurs when the sodium level in the blood falls below 135 Millimoles Per Litre (mmol/L), according to a study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Mild hyponatremia was once thought to be asymptomatic, but recent studies suggest that it may be associated with higher risks of attention deficits, gait disturbances, falls, cardiovascular events, and even premature death….

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More Evidence Links High Sodium Intake to Risk of Death

Keeping sodium intake low may prolong life according to a new study that set out to clarify the long-term risk of eating too much sodium and the benefits of cutting down. Based on following more than 3,000 people with elevated blood pressure for over 24 years, researchers found that risk of death from any cause rose in a straight line along with sodium intake. “Our results are not that surprising because we know that sodium increases blood pressure, and we have found that it increases risk of cardiovascular disease also,”…

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How tons Sodium must You virtually devour? An RD Weighs In

you’ve probable been advised your entire life that an excessive amount of sodium is bad for you. Now, new research indicates that a food plan low in sodium may additionally really be harmful. the collection of four research, posted inside the magazine The Lancet, observed extra than one hundred,000 contributors—some with excessive blood pressure, some without—from nearly 50 international locations for almost 4 years. The researchers observed that people with a low sodium consumption (much less than three,000 mg) experienced a higher chance of heart attack, stroke, or coronary heart…

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