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Savour Indo-British fusion food at Hilton Chennai

A fusion food festival is being hosted at the Ayna restaurant in Hilton Chennai that intends to invite Chennaiites for an Indo-British experience and indulge in the amalgamation of the two. Chef de Cuisine Paul Joe and his team will present classic dishes as well as innovative and popular preparations like desserts and ice creams fused with some British elements. “We haven’t tinkered with the core taste and philosophy of the food. The plating was in the British style — that is, all the items on a single plate and not served…

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Velu Military Hotel: Feast on Chettinad Food at This Iconic Chennai Eatery

If there’s one thing that irks true-blue Nattukottai Chettiars it’s how their cuisine has been misrepresented in restaurants across Chennai and Bengaluru. Chettinad cuisine is not just fiery but is a highly-evolved cuisine where subtle flavours hold the key. Today Chettinad has become synonymous with restaurants that serve spicy non-vegetarian food. Not long ago, such restaurants were branded as Military hotels in Chennai and Bengaluru. While many of Bengaluru’s iconic military hotels have survived, Velu Military hotel is one of the few restaurants that hasn’t shed its ‘military’ suffix in Chennai. Many Chennai historians…

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