80% Delhi-NCR Residents Suffering From Obesity

80% Delhi-NCR Residents Suffering From Obesity Around 80.7 per cent of people residing in Delhi-NCR region are suffering from obesity — though 78.5 per cent continue to consider themselves as having normal weight, according to a survey.

The survey conducted by Max Super Speciality Hospital in Saket on at least 1,000 respondents about their knowledge on obesity and bariatric surgery found that only 18.5 per cent were aware that obesity can trigger diabetes. While 70 per cent of the people didn’t know that hypertension is associated with obesity, only 5 per cent were aware that obesity can cause sleep apnea.

The study also suggested that while 93.5 per cent men and 76.8 per cent women did not know about kidney problems associated with obesity, 80.3 per cent men and 82.1 per cent women did’t know about obesity leading to diabetes.

“Obesity is a worrying health issue that has been plaguing Indians for some time now. However, it continues to rise in epidemic proportions in the country even today. It is not restricted to certain class specifically. It is prevalent in both rural and urban folk”,” Pradeep Chowbey, Executive Vice-Chairman Max Healthcare said.

While 82.4 per cent of the respondents said that they would be concerned (30.8 per cent would be extremely concerned) if they were overweight or obese, 72.4 per cent said that they are somewhat aware of the concept of BMI (body mass index).

According to the study, only 31.2 per cent do get annual health check-ups and 100 per cent respondents said that they opt for jogging, diet, gym regime to keep their weight in check. “Obesity not only affects one’s physical appearance but also mental and physical health. It can result in grave consequences like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, kidney problems, sleep apnea,” Chowbey added.

The survey result also stated that 28.8 per cent participants were unaware about the bariatric surgery an option for weight-loss while only 11.2 per cent were aware about bariatric surgery. Out of all only 10.2 per cent of the participants said that they will consider surgical procedures to fight obesity.


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