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According to David Baer Minnesota is the perfect place to play golf. Yet, before the 2016 Ryder Cup, few people were even aware that it was a good location to go to. Indeed, it seems as if golf in this state is still reserved mainly for the top executives in the area, with almost every lawyer having a membership to a course. Yet, the golf course is not just for attorneys who want to get away from the court and legal aspects of life for a minute. Minnesota golf is about local people and local players just as much. Indeed, it is a perfect place for people to simply come together and enjoy the wonderful sport in amazing surroundings.

David Baer Minnesota Golf

People from Minnesota love golf. It doesn’t matter whether they work for in the field of law or probation, whether they are mechanics, or whether they are of any other profession. Indeed, despite the lack of international attention as a fantastic golf state, there are more golf courses per capita in Minnesota than in any other state! Thankfully, more awareness is now raised about this and it is now possible to download a full list of available courses and email newsletters also exist.

There are courses all over the state, but there are three areas where every serious golfer shall have to play at least once. While that isn’t the law, some people have even called for it to be made a legal obligation for people to have had to have played here if they are to be taken seriously! This happened some time ago and was even noted in the minutes of an official meeting. It simply shows that people here really have heart and passion for the sport. The respondent of said petition aside, the three hotbeds are:

  1. Minneapolis and St. Paul (the Twin Cities).
  2. The Iron Range.

Of course, you can also go outside of these popular areas. The Legends Golf Club, the Meadows at Mystic Lake, and The Wilds Golf Club are just some examples that people can go to. StoneRidge Golf Club, Willingers Golf Club, and Edinburgh USA Golf Course are other examples. These are mainly found to the south of the Twin Cities.

For those who want to get out of the city, the Brainer region truly is perfect. There are beautiful lakes and cottages and some fantastic golf courses to enjoy at the same time. The Grand View Lodge and the Madden are two courses that are not to be missed. Deacon’s Lodge, meanwhile, was designed by Arnold Palmer and it is believed to be his best work to date.

Meanwhile, people who like to go on an adventure can find some hidden gems that are still on the top 100 best golf courses. Examples include the Giants Ridge Golf Course and the Wilderness. These courses are perfect vacation destinations as well, offering those not so much into golf the opportunity to go hiking or otherwise enjoy themselves.

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