DIY facial mists


DIY facial mists (Getty Images)
The scorching sun dehydrates the skin and makes it appear dull. Coming to the rescue, facial mists, especially the ones made at home, can work wonders to freshen-up the face devoid of any chemicals. They can be created according to your own skin type too, says an expert.

Bharti Taneja, aesthetician, cosmetologist and founder-director of ALPS Beauty Academy and Group, has shared a few tips on making your own facial mists:

– Anti-bacterial clove essential oil mist (oily skin): Boil a few neem leaves in four cups of water till it remains one-fourth. Strain the solution off and add four drops of clove essence oil when it cools off.

Exclusively made for oily skin, the mist is filled with oil-control, anti-acne and anti-scar properties due to clove, while neem essence makes it highly anti-bacterial in nature and keeps the infections away.

– Mist with peppermint oil (combination skin): Dried orange peels can prove highly beneficial for combination and oily skin types, as they are filled with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Boil some of it in a liter of water till one fourth of it evaporates. Now, filter it and let it cool. Add some peppermint essence oil and store in a spray bottle to sprinkle on your face whenever needed.

Peppermint will leave your skin toned, tightened and refreshed for the rest of the day due to its cooling traits.

– Refreshing jasmine mist (normal skin): The unique selling point of this mist is the long-lasting fragrance that originates due to the notes of orange essential oil and jasmine.

Take half liter of water, add a handful of jasmine flowers. Now, keep it to boil and wait for one fourth water to evaporate. Now, filter it and let it cool in your refrigerator to add a dash of extra freshness.

Now, add orange oil — a few drops for the exquisite scent and invigorating effects. Pour the contents in a spray bottle to be your best friends on sunny days.

– Ultra-hydrating rose water mist with calendula oil (dry skin): Soak fresh petal of rose in a large bowl of water for an entire night. When the morning arrives, take out the petals and boil it till one-fourth of it remains.

Add some calendula essential oil — doing this will have more hydrating and moisturising effects on the skin of ladies who have dry skin. Not just this, the cooling and refreshing effect of this mist filled with skin-firming properties of sandalwood, will leave you with super smooth, soft and baby-like skin.

– Skin-soothing mist with aloe vera (sensitive skin): Soak mint leaves in water overnight. Then after boiling the one fourth of the solution, add a spoon of aloe vera juice.

This will turn the entire mist more soothing and relaxing for your sensitive skin as aloe vera will give it a boost of antioxidants, preventing it from free radicals.

Besides, providing a respite from the heat, this mist can also work wonders for women with ageing skin by making it firm and toned with regular application.


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