The eight pitfalls that SEO firms will avoid

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Successful SEO firms will avoid falling into the following eight pitfalls.

Some people believe SEO is some king of magic trick or a scheme or gimmick, an other-worldly force like the world of Harry Potter. It isn’t a trick it is a very complex series of algorithms and rules that an SEO expert has to try and manoeuvre and manipulate through an online presence. However, it is believed that the content of your articles is now much more important than manipulating the crawlers who decide which websites to show up on a search.

Another previous phenomenon was that keywork rankings were the only important aspect of SEO, this will get you ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) but it is not the only metric that your business should be measuring to ensure that it is being successful, just because you are getting seen does not necessarily mean you are increasing business. If the customers do not like what they see, then it is actually unfortunate that they have seen it.

It was also believed that google penalties were a major threat, good SEO’s will know how to avoid these whilst ensuring business success.

A strange belief was that the less you spend on SEO the better it was. It is true that SEO is a very cost effective and cheap way to market your business however sometimes a good and effective part of that strategy involves spending some cash in certain areas. The key which is known by top SEO experts is to know when and where to spend that cash to optimize returns.

People are scared by the nature of SEO and some non-credible experts will pray on the complexities. The honest truth is that if you are clever enough to run a business you are intelligent enough to learn about SEO and just a little bit of time spent each week will ensure that you are kept up to date with it. You will need to keep working at it though and it is beneficial to be in touch with some form of expert.

Some SEO experts will use a one size fits all approach, especially if it has been previously successful. This does not work, each client and business are as different as you and I. The same step by step approach will not work for each business. SEO is an art and a science and different clients will need different targeting strategies, methods of execution and investment levels to get excellent results each time.

I hope that this has helped to put to bed some of the most popular misconceptions and assumptions about SEO. With so much content and differing opinion it is quite a minefield, but it isn’t rocket science. It is wise for any business leader to have a grasp of the fundamentals of SEO even if you have an expert working for you. It is such a modern and every growing phenomenon that a grasp of it will never do you any harm in modern business.

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