iPhone 7 Leaked Chassis Tips New Antenna Design, Larger Camera

iPhone 7 Leaked Chassis Tips New Antenna Design, Larger Camera

The tech news industry has lately been buzzing around the launch of 4-inch iPhone or iPhone SE handset. However, this does not put the flagship iPhone 7 out of the picture. This time, images purported to be of the smartphone’s chassis have popped up online showing the redesigned antenna lines, new larger camera setup, and more.

The images coming via French website Nowhere Else show that the rear panel is now completely plain, without any horizontal antenna lines. However, the antenna bands are still visible at the bottom running along the edges.

iphone_7_chassis_leak_nowhereelse.jpgAs for the camera, the size of the rear camera hole as spotted is significantly larger than the current iPhone models. This also indicates that there might be an upgrade lineup up for the iPhone 7’s camera, details of which are not known for now. The rear camera hole is also closer to the edge of the handset. This confirms the handset will feature a single camera unlike its larger iPhone 7 Pro variant, which is rumoured to feature a dual camera tech.

Since the bottom side is not clearly visible in the leaked images, nothing can be said about the lack or inclusion of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The report states that the chassis is slightly thinner as well as compared to current models.

Also published were images said to show the larger iPhone 7 model’s dual rear camera component. However, the source of the report dates back to January and is likely showing the camera component of another smartphone.

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