Leeks are bulb like vegetables with a slight and crunchy onion taste. They attain adulthood within the autumn season and they are as thin as a finger. they may be maximum usually used to feature flavor to inventory. they have a completely slight and a candy taste. they’ll additionally be utilized in sauces, stews or soups. The white stem or the stalk is the fit for human consumption a part of the leek.


The fit to be eaten quantities of Leek are the white base of leaves. In its uncooked shape, the leaves are crunchy and firm. Leeks can be cooked in many specific ways, each yielding a completely unique flavour. Boiling turns the vegetable gentle and offers a moderate flavor. Fried leeks have a crunchy texture. The taste is preserved whilst fried. uncooked leeks are used a primary element in salads.

nutritional cost

Leek has a high dietary fee and it protects the lining of blood vessels. It is a great supply of antioxidants and decreases the danger of inflammatory sicknesses. It consists of iron and manganese which facilitates within the formation of haemoglobin and it’s also an amazing supply of diet okay and C which facilitates in recuperation wounds and facilitates in the metabolism of bones and connective tissues.

Did you understand?

Leek has been cultivated on account that 3000 years inside the center East. The name leek has been taken from a Roman phrase ‘loch’ which means that a medicinal drug that may be licked to therapy sore throat.

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