Mack Prioleau Discusses Surfing Etiquette

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Surfing, according to Mack Prioleau, is one of the world’s greatest sports. Few other sports allow people to be so free and so at one with Mother Nature. However, just because it is about freedom and riding the waves wherever they take you, does not mean there aren’t any rules involved in it. Not ditching a surfboard, not snaking, not dropping in, and not paddling inside are just some of the unwritten rules. Those who don’t surf often don’t even understand what all those words mean and where they should find the rules! Thankfully, there are just three main points to surf etiquette to be aware of.

Mack Prioleau’s Top 3 Surf Ethics Rules

  1. You should not drop in. Indeed, dropping in is the biggest violation of ethics in surfing, yet the one that happens the most often. What it means is that you take a wave that someone else had already earmarked. The best waves should be ridden by a single surfer. This allows that surfer to enjoy the most powerful parts of the wave, which often only fit a single surfer. Finding out whether or not the wave was already “taken” is quite easy. When paddling towards the wave, surfers should look to their left and right first. If someone is closer to the wave’s peak, they have priority. All good surfers do this, which means that they will let others go first if they are closer to the peak. The reason why the peak is taken as the benchmark is because the one closest to it gets the longest ride.
  2. You should choose a sport that matches your ability. This is very important because people want to be able to enjoy the waves and not spend half their time chasing after those who are being wiped out. Additionally, if a beautiful wave comes up and you already know that you can’t really handle it, you should allow someone who can to enjoy it properly.
  3. You should always show respect to the locals. Surf spots always have a type of vibe, with some being more or less welcoming to non-local people. There are no rules to determine how inviting a group of local surfers as to be. However, other surfers must respect the fact that this is their home so they have right of say. They may have been surfing there for decades. As a new surfer, therefore, you should take the time to get to know the vibe, speak to other surfers in an unselfish, respectful, and positive manner.

Mack Prioleau hopes that this information teaches prospective surfers a little bit about the things they need to know before they start heading out. Additionally, he feels it is important that people respect surfing for what it is, which is a very difficult sport. Hence, he recommends that people always take surfing lessons before they head out to the waves, simply because the other surfers make it look so easy. Respecting the power of nature has to be a given.

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