New simplified platform for antibiotic discovery created

New simplified platform for antibiotic discovery created ( Andrew Brookes/ Getty Images) 
Harvard researchers have created a new, simplified, platform for antibiotic discovery that may work an extended way in solving the crisis of antibiotic resistance.
that is “a platform where we assemble 8 (chemical) constructing blocks via a simple procedure to make macrolide antibiotics ” with out the use of erythromycin , the unique macrolide antibiotic, and the drug upon which all others in the magnificence had been primarily based for the reason that early Nineteen Fifties,” the researchers stated.
Erythromycin, which became discovered in a soil pattern from the Philippines in 1949, has been on the market as a drug with the aid of 1953.
“For 60 years chemists have been very, very innovative, locating clever ways to ‘decorate’ this molecule, making changes round its outer edge to supply antibiotics which are safer, more effective, and overcome the resistance bacteria have advanced,” said Andrew Myers, professor of chemistry at Harvard college.

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