How To Promote Your Business With Customized Stickers

You are finally ready to order your customized stickers, but you still need to figure out how you are going to use them to promote your business. It is best to use the stickers to appeal to your customers rather than plaster them on every wall you come across. Here are several ways to promote your business with customized stickers.

Hand Them Out At Events

People love stickers and freebies, and you can promote your business by handing out free stickers at events. It is best to hand the stickers out at an event that is relevant to your business. If you are selling pet supplies, then you want to distribute the stickers at a pet convention. You can walk around handing the stickers out to guests who do not look busy, or you can set up a vendor with stickers, business cards, sample products and additional information.

Free With Every Purchase

You can also include one or two stickers as a small gift with every purchase. This is a method that works with both physical and online stores, and all you need to do is slip a few stickers in their bag or package. It makes your customers feel like you are thanking them for their purchase, and your stickers are going to include your name or logo as a reminder to shop with you again.

Sell Your Stickers In Your Store

If you are looking to expand your inventory, you can always sell the stickers in your store. The stickers should include your company name and website, but make sure the information does not cover the design. It is important to offer different designs to appeal to all customers. The stickers you have already given away for free should be offered at a discounted price.

There are several sticker manufacturers that make it easy to create your customized stickers. The website allows you to choose details such as your design or text, size, and shape of your stickers.

Remember to have fun when using customized stickers to promote your business.

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