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Breastfeeding woman asked to ‘cover up’ in London museum

A woman breastfeeding her one-year-old child was asked to ‘cover up’ her breast in a museum in London even as the World Breastfeeding Week to spread the awareness about the value of breastfeeding for mothers as well as children was being observed across the globe. Instead of bearing that in silence, she took to Twitter to express her amazement. The woman, who posts as @vaguechera on Twitter, said she had “flashed a nanosecond of nipple” in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum’s courtyard when she was told to conceal her breast….

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Kirori Mal College’s popular candy seller: Shah Rukh Khan asked me to work in his serial

Tinguji has spent a lifetime selling candies at Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College (KMC). For four decades, neither heat nor rain or cold could deter this slight little old man from going about his business. “I used to sell pen nibs at a shop in Hans Raj College but that had to be shut due to the Emergency in 1975. I then thought I’ll carry with me whatever I have to sell, so that no one can dislocate me ever again,” says Amarnath Gupta aka Tinguji, who earns anything between…

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