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Study says diabetes spikes death risk in patients on dialysis

Kidney disease can be a silent killer. Before symptoms are seen or experienced by the patient, the kidneys can degenerate to the point of not working. And diabetes only makes it worse.The risk of death is several times higher for diabetics on haemodialysis, scientists have found. The final stage of chronic kidney disease, called end stage renal disease, is when the kidneys are no longer able to remove enough wastes and excess fluids from the body . At this point, patients are put on dialysis or advised a kidney transplant.A…

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Wearable artificial Kidney should update conventional Dialysis

A wearable synthetic kidney might be advanced as a feasible, new dialysis generation that lets in sufferers to be cellular and untethered during treatment, results of a US meals and Drug management-authorised clinical trial endorse.The findings were reported in the journal JCI Insights. The era may additionally come to be an alternative to standard hemodialysis for human beings with stop-level kidney ailment. gift-day remedy generally requires three classes every week on a desk bound machine that restricts patients’ capacity to stroll around even as it’s far connected and running. In…

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