Hindi call: Jimikand

Yams are styles of starchy fit for human consumption tubers. it’s far a flexible vegetable. It has a tough brown pores and skin with a starchy flesh internal. Yams are cultivated for their starchy tubers in countries like Africa, Asia, Latin the us, the Caribbean and Oceania. Yam flesh is commonly white, ivory, yellow or red in coloration and its skin is white red or brownish black in coloration.


some of the most not unusual varieties of yam are, “Yellow yam” determined in Africa, “Water yam” cultivated in Southeast Asia. The “air potato” is cultivated in Africa and Asia. It grows as much as the large size of 6 meters (20 toes) or greater in length than African yams. The sour yam, are found in elements of West Africa. One feature function of this yam is that its cultivation requires much less exertions then others.


some factors should be kept in thoughts before storing yams. The yams should be sound and wholesome when introduced. It ought to be well cured with Fungicide treatment. The respiration of the tubers of yam generates a variety of warmness. for this reason it ought to be stored in a place wherein adequate ventilation is possible. Yams have to be frequently checked and the rotten tubers and sprouts are to be removed. The yams need to be stored in a place that’s away from direct sunlight and rain.

nutritional price

1. Yam carries potassium, nutrition B6 and vitamin C, manganese and nutritional fiber. Yam is low in saturated fat and sodium. Yam being high in potassium and occasional in sodium balances the potassium-sodium ratio in the body protective it from osteoporosis and coronary heart diseases.
2. African yam contains thiocyanate which protects in opposition to sickle cellular anemia.
three. Yam is rich in starch and can be prepared in many methods. Yams are also cultivated during the year in contrast to many seasonal culmination.


Yam can be barbequed, fried, roasted, grilled, baked, smoked, grated and used in desserts. Yam works as an alternative to hormonal substitute drug treatments that are in taken via the menopausal women.

Did you know?

a few yam types can be saved with out fridges up to six months, which helps in time of food shortage in a few international locations.

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