3 Ideas for the Boss’s Birthday

Buying gifts for your boss may be one of the trickiest prospects of any holiday season. What do you get the person who, seemingly, has it all?

There are a variety of thoughtful gestures and gifts available for even the most difficult person to gift on your list. If you pay attention to what your boss likes and doesn’t like, it should make picking out the perfect gift easier than if you try and go into buying something blindly. Whether you know your boss’s likes or not, here are three ideas of gifts that would fit any boss.

1. Flavorful Gift Baskets

Knowing the type of food your boss likes may make picking out a gift easier. It makes purchasing a gift card to a restaurant or a monthly subscription that is food-related easier. However, one of the best and most appreciated gifts may be chocolate candy bouquets put together by a food basket delivery service. This type of gift is less expensive than many options, has a variety of food that it can be filled with, and usually works for even the pickiest of eaters. There is something for everyone in a gift basket. According to Bustle.com, the gift basket is a perennial gift.

2. Add To a Collection

Your boss may enjoy collecting something to fill the office. Perhaps prints from a favorite artist or bobbleheads. Whatever that collection may be, see if you can find a way to add to it. Depending on the type of item it is, that prospect may seem expensive. However, there are usually inexpensive “mini” versions of many favorite collectibles.

3. Storage Container

Does your boss tend to lose track of car keys? Buying a classy storage receptacle for the top of the desk or credenza may provide your boss with an ideal place for loose items like keys, lanyard and cellphone. Giving a useful gift can score you some points with the boss.

Birthdays and other gift-giving holidays may stress you out because of the pressure to get something for your boss. Take these ideas and run with them over the next few such holidays.

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