Application of Mathematics in Various Fields

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Mathematics is a subject that everyone needs to learn. It develops our problem-solving skills, while also enhancing our logical and analytical skills to solve problems. Mathematics is broadly classified into two types, namely:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics is the study of basic concepts and structure in Mathematics. In order to develop knowledge and gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, the education of pure Mathematics is essential.

Applied Mathematics is the study of mathematical models in various disciplines including Science, Business, Engineering, Computer Science. It is a combination of specialized knowledge as well as mathematical knowledge. Some of the major applications of Mathematics are game theory,linear programming, cryptography, information theory, bioinformatics, banking, construction, etc.

  • Game theory involves the process of creating the necessary interaction between two or more players where some set of rules and outcomes are involved. To make a decision by analyzing the situations, Applied Mathematics is used.
  • The optimization is known as mathematical modeling, which pertains to finding the maximum and minimum value of a function when several variables and constraints are given like LP or system analysis.
  • Cryptography builds from the number theory and is all about integers. It secures the information through an encryption algorithm. One such good example is the public key cryptography which involves two sets of keys.
  • Information theory that uses the probability theory, which gives all the distribution information in space and the relationship with topological spaces.
  • Mathematics and banking are closely related. The field of banking primarily deals with numbers. To handle accounts, to maintain credit score and to calculate interest rate, the application of Mathematics is required. Therefore, the Banking system requires the constant use of Mathematics.
  • In construction, to find the distance, height, and angles between two objects, trigonometry is used. Most of the applications of inverse trigonometric functions such as arc-sin, arc-cos, arc-tan, etc functions are used in other disciplines like Science, Engineering, etc.
  • Bioinformatics is one of the disciplines of Biology, which is the combination of Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science to store raw biological data.

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