5 levels of addiction to drugs and alcohol that you can check from

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There are 5 levels of drug addiction that a drug addict is at some point in their lives. This is a way for the drug addict or people who are trying to take care of the drug addict should know which level of addiction they are at. This is the most comprehensive way of checking the level of drug addiction the drug addict is going through and what kind of a treatment should be administered to them. So, if you are someone or someone you love is suffering from addiction to substance abuse, and you want to know from the surface what level of addiction they are going through, then you just have to check these 5 levels of drug addiction to find out which level you are on or your loved one is on. When you finally understand which level you are on, you can simply get treatment for that level at a drug rehab center, if you want to know more information regarding it and how to go about it then check this website for more detailed info and your next step. But before that, check the five levels of addiction and their treatments.

Level 0 substance addiction. Treatment: Early intervention.

Level 0 substance addiction is basically when a person starts taking drugs, or when they smoke cigarette for the first time. This is when the addiction might take place or the addiction to drugs might put some seeds inside the system for future addiction to occur. Once it is known that the person has smoked a cigarette or taken some drugs, it is vital to intervene through the help of a medical professional so that proper guidance can be given before the addiction goes to level I on the addiction scale.

Level I substance addiction. Treatment: Outpatient treatment program.

This is when the addiction starts to take a hold of the body. The person gradually starts to take drugs and drinks alcohol a good amount and it becomes their everyday or usual habit. This level of addiction requires the patient to go through the outpatient treatment program if they do not want it to go to the level II on the addiction scale.

Level II substance addiction. Treatment: Intensive outpatient treatment program.

This is a level of addiction when the patient starts to lose control of their everyday life, but not too much, they can still do normal tasks, and go to work, and study, but there is slight difficulty in functioning. This level requires a higher form of outpatient program treatment called intensive outpatient program, where hours of treatment are increased for 3 to 5 days a week and even medication is administered, if this does not work, patient can go to level III that requires inpatient treatment program.

Level III substance addiction. Treatment: Inpatient treatment program.

This form of treatment is for extreme drug addiction cases. When the intensive outpatient program does not work, which is for moderate levels of addiction, the addiction level goes to level III and the treatment for it comes in the form of inpatient program which is intensive, requires the patient to be admitted inside the rehab center for 30, 60, or 90 days or even more until optimal results are obtained.

Level IV substance addiction. Treatment: Intensive outpatient program.

When the patient cannot be cured through inpatient treatment program then intensive inpatient treatment is offered which makes the patient go through even more intense treatment as it becomes a matter of life and death.

All these levels need to be taken into consideration. Whichever level you or your loved one is on, you should go to a drug rehab facility as soon as possible and start the required treatment for that level.

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