5 things a personal trainer can do for you

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There comes a point in our lives where we just do not know how to get fit. We have a hard time in understanding how many calories to take to lose weight and how many to take to gain weight. We are not aware of good foods. Some people think that no matter what you eat, if you eat less than 1500 calories a day, you will be losing weight. For example, if you eat 3 slices of pizza daily, you will lose weight because the calories are less than 1500, but that is not how our body works. The human body takes carbs as fat, there is a thing called clean eating, vegetables and fruits provide vitamins that a pizza just does not. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of water in them, and it should be part of our diet, pizza is cooked a lot, you might think that it has vegetables so it is healthy, but it is not; it is a good treat that should be eaten once in a while, not daily and it is certainly not a food that can help you lose weight.

The point here is that people just are not aware of how to go about their training routine, they have a hard time in understanding what to eat, what exercises to do, and all of this demotivates them and they end up doing nothing at all. But that all can change by just getting a personal trainer austin for yourself. What can a personal trainer do? Well, a personal trainer can do these 5 things for you:

1). They can teach you the right form and technique.

A personal trainer knows about all the right forms and techniques; they will understand how to teach you the right form in various exercises. Doing an exercise for 100 times does not mean you will gain something out of it, if you do not have the right form, it won’t do any good to your muscles, it might even make it worse. So, a personal trainer can help you learn the right technique and form to do pushups the right way, to do pull ups the right way, or simply just about anything the right way because personal trainers have mastered the forms and techniques.

2). You will get results quickly.

A personal trainer will set you up for a weekly goal, and each week, judging by your weight and how you want to look like, he or she can assign you to lose two pounds a week, so, each week you will be losing 2 pounds which is 8 pounds a month, helping you get your results quickly.

3). They can give personalized training plans.

A personal trainer austin has the best plans for each person. They can give you a variety of plans as to what to eat, what not to eat, they will give you a paper that will have all the instructions on it for you. And all you will have to do is to follow it.

4). They will guide you in nutrition.

A personal trainer will help you understand bit by bit how the human body works. What a fruit can do for you? How you can get the most amount of vitamin B in your diet? What vegetable gives vitamin C? All of this will be guided by the personal trainer so you know what you eat by the back of your hand.

5). They will motivate you and pick you right back up if you fall.

This is very important. A personal trainer will give you the words that will encourage and motivate you and there will come a day where you will fall and will have a major setback, but with a personal trainer around, you will get back on your feet again. It won’t be like how you used to do it alone, you won’t be falling down forever, you will get back up on your two feet again and do your best again—that is what a personal trainer austin can do for you.

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