5 monsoon essentials


5 monsoon essentials
5 monsoon essentials
Monsoon can bring along a gloomy feeling which makes you feel dull and depressed. This is when body mist comes handy to keep your senses alive. According to Eastern traditions, rose aroma oozes strength and vitality and enhances harmony and balance in the body. Spray some to instantly refresh, tone, hydrate and nourish your skin.

MASCARA is one of the most understated beauty essentials in your kit. It can quickly add drama to your eyes by lengthening your luscious lashes. With the risk of a sudden downpour, you don’t want your mascara to stream down your face making you look like a delicate panda. Hence, replace your regular mascara with its water-proof version before it starts pouring.

Chapped lips are a common problem during monsoon. Staying out for long hours leaves the lips dehydrated. Application of a TINTED LIP BALM every few hours moisturises your lips and adds a dash of colour to brighten up your make-up. If you hate using balms, go for moisturising matte lipsticks. Plus point? They do not smudge and define your mood through the colour of your choice. Shades of red, like plum and cherry, are colours of confidence. Strictly avoid glossy formulations in lipsticks.

Ditch everything that makes your face look greasy by leaving tell-tale signs of raindrops on your face. Tuck your liquid foundation away and swap it with compact powder. With a powder formulation, compact gives your face a magical texture. The best part about it is that the moment it touches water, it becomes WATERPROOF.


Have to attend a crucial meeting and you don’t like the way your hair looks? Spray some dry shampoo; it will absorb the grease in your hair and add volume to the roots. The trick is to simply spray the shampoo on your roots, wait for around 30 seconds and rub it off. Moreover, excessive washing of hair during monsoon can often lead to dryness and dandruff. Dry shampoo serves as an excellent alternative.

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