Glam up your look with confetti eyeliner


Glam up your look with confetti eyeliner
WHAT IT IS: A makeup trend in which your cat eyeliner resembles confetti.

HOW IT STARTED: The trend started when makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes posted pictures of her new eyeliner concept. After that, it took off on social media, with other beauty-grammers creating their own versions. If you want to go all out, there is actual confetti eyeliner — well, eyeliner with confetti-sized glitter — that you could try out.

HOW IT’S DONE: Add a dot to the outer corner of your eye — basically, where you want the flick to end — to act as a guide. Fill in your flick by dotting with the tip of your eyeliner. Then, alternate between a white and grey liquid liner, or something more colourful.


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