6 Tips for Using a Mica Band Heater

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Mica band heaters are incredible tools that provide several benefits to their owners. It’s important that you follow a few tips to keep them operating at their best.

1. Keep It Tight

When mica band heaters loosen up, their efficiency decreases. And the harder your heater has to work, the lower its life expectancy. This is why it’s important to keep it tight.

Experts suggest tightening your mica band heater after use. This includes ones you’ve had in use for a while and even those that you’ve just replaced. If necessary, set a reminder to ensure you complete this task on a consistent basis.

2. Carry It With Caution

It’s never a good idea to carry any objects by the wires attached to them. This can damage the wires, the terminals, and other components. When transporting your mica band heaters, avoid doing so with the wires.

3. Watch the Temperature

Mica band heaters can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees. However, when exposed to such high heat consistently, it typically will not last long.

Also, if you do not need temperatures of that level, it’s best to choose one with a lower wattage. This will help keep your mica band heater operating better for longer.

4. Keep It Clean

Contaminants can greatly impact the life expectancy of your mica band heater. Unfortunately, there are several ways that they can be contaminated.

Moisture is a common issue, and it can keep the heater from heating up in the first place. This happens most often when the heater has been cool for a while and is suddenly introduced to high humidity.

Oils can also prevent a mica band heater from doing its job. However, unlike water, the heater can still start heating when oil is present. Instead, the heater will fail after the oil has heated up.

5. Avoid Holes When Possible

Many mica band heater owners add holes in their heater for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, every hole added presents another opportunity for contaminants to enter the heater and cause it to fail. You can minimize this by only adding holes when necessary, or you can buy heaters that are designed to accommodate any additions you need to make.

6. Choose the Right Parts

When adding accessories to your mica band heater, it’s important that you use those made specifically for your needs. For instance, if you need to purchase terminals or wires, be sure you choose those that will withstand the temperature you’ll be working with.

Your mica band heater is an investment, and it’s important that you protect it. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your heater and ensure it works at maximum efficiency.

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