Bronzing hacks you should know


A bronzer can give you a different look (Thinkstock)A bronzer can give you a different look (Thinkstock)
It is important to remember to use a bronzer very carefully or you’ll end up looking like a caricature. The idea is to have a subtle look, so you have to choose one that depending on your skin tone. Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • If you notice that your powder has cracked up slightly, fret not. Simply add a few drops of facial oil to the pieces and use it as a liquid bronzer.
  • You can also play around with your brushes to get different bronzing effects. Use a big brush to give you a softer look and a smaller one to give you a more contoured look. If you prefer using a powder bronzer, make sure that you use a small eyeshadow brush while you’re blending the bronzer.
  • Always remember to shake your brush after each application. Most of us make the mistake of applying too much powder bronzer thanks to extra powder getting accumulated on the brush. Make it a habit to clean your make-up brushes every few days.




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