Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts
Hindi name: Kaju

Cashew tree is large and evergreen and carries culmination which might be pear fashioned referred to as the cashew apple. It has a yellowish crimson color and has very candy aroma and taste. This fruit has a unmarried whitish seed called cashew seed or cashew nut. The seed is surrounded with a double shell. it’s miles a famous nut (dry fruit) which can be roasted or included with salt or chocolate. The nuts can be eaten as a cocktail snack or used in baked dishes. they’re mildly sweet in flavor and packed with electricity. The nuts have buttery texture and are cream white in colour. it is normally utilized in Indian cuisine and is likewise used for garnishing distinctive candies or curries.

nutritional value

It allows to decrease the bad ldl cholesterol. It is a good source of magnesium which keeps our bones robust.It offers us with remarkable strength and is full of dietary fiber. it’s far a ‘high-satiety food’ which keeps us complete and consequently are recognised to play a awesome position in weight maintainence.

Did you already know?

The cashew plant belongs to the circle of relatives of poison ivy however tremendously it produces a delicious nut.
The nuts final for approximately four-6 months however if they may be roasted at a totally excessive temperature then it may effortlessly get destroyed.

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