Google Allo Web Client Still a Month or Two From Public Release

Google Allo Web Client Still a Month or Two From Public Release

Google’s Web client for its smart messaging app, Allo, is still few months away from public release, according to Nick Fox, VP, Communications Products at Google.

Fox last week confirmed the new timeline for Allo Web client in a tweet while replying to a user who wanted to know launch details. Fox in a tweet said, “I’m using Web client every day and loving it. Team is working hard to get it out ASAP, but we’re still a month or two from public release.” The tweet was first reported by 9to5Google.

Web client for Google’s chat app Allo seems to be still in development as the company isn’t providing official launch timelines. We can expect to hear more about the release in the next few weeks.

In April, Allo 9.0 update brought hints to how the Allo web client will work. Much like WhatsApp, Allo’s latest version had options for pairing the smartphone with the Web client by scanning the QR code. The leaked screenshots also hinted that users could use a text code method to pair the device.

Google announced that it is working on a Web client for Allo app back in February this year. Fox also offered the first sneak peek of the Allo Web client. For those unaware, Google’s Allo came with the company’s machine learning tech and included natural language processing advances from Search.

Fox in February offered a sneak preview of the Allo Web client that showed it will support the same features as its mobile app, most notably of those being the Google Assistant bot. Allo’s Smart Replies feature, where it suggests responses to messages, was also seen carried over to the Web app for Allo. Also seen were stickers.


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