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Importance of mold testing News 

Importance of mold testing

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People are always curious about the need for mold testing while purchasing a new house. Normally this service is not included in a standard home inspection, but it is significant to understand why this extra expense is worth every penny. Those people who discover signs of mold in their house are always concerned about the next steps, both about whether testing is required and how mold is removed if its presence is detected. Following are few scenarios in which getting a mold testing is important.

Firstly, it is important to know why molds are to be removed from the house. Most types of mold are benign, however few rare species are air borne. When these molds are inhaled by a person, it can lead to toxic allergic reactions including fevers, rashes and asthma attacks. What can worsen the problem is releasing the spores in the air, which is obviously caused by mold growth. In this situation professional help is required and advised as soon as possible.  Mold growth not only seriously affects health of a person but also deteriorates the structure of the house. Mold finds itself habitable place to grow including crawlspaces and other hidden areas causing unseen stress on wood and insulation.

There are several conditions that lead to breeding of mold. Those homeowners who experience the situation of floods or people who are shopping in the flood prone area should absolutely have mold testing done. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours with exposure to moist, humid conditions. When mold exists within the walls and structure of the home, it is invisible to be seen through a naked eye. In other situations when mold is visible, such as under the sink or in the basement, it doesn’t mean that mold removal is necessarily required.

Homeowners and buyers should also consider professional mold testing if they notice allergy symptoms that are associated with the room or any other area in the room. In most of the cases molds are widespread problem in older homes but it doesn’t mean that new homes are excluded from this problem. Risk of molds is also there in new houses but it is less. That’s because new construction is designed to be airtight for energy efficiency, but that restricts air flow within the walls. This makes a favorable place for mold to grow if moisture becomes trapped in the structure of the home. Primary indicator of moisture problem is moldy or musty smell in those cases in which mold is not visible.

Mold testing should always be done in accordance with the guidelines set out by the appropriate authority of the country. A professional is bound to test the home for mold and spores as well as identify water resources that lead to mold growth. He must eliminate the water sources and completely clean the mold formation in such a way that they don’t grow back. In many cases mold growth can point to serious structural problems within the home, including issues with foundation.

Detection of mold in the home is a serious matter, which ought to be eliminated.

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