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In an independent survey conducted by Canstar Blue, 38 per cent of the 1437 surveyed New Zealanders said they regularly have five or more standard alcoholic drinks at one sitting on the weekend.

Geographically, the biggest drinkers in this survey were in Dunedin (42 per cent), then Christchurch (40 per cent). Of the four main centres, the Aucklanders surveyed (37 per cent) were the least likely to indulge in more than five drinks at one time. The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) recommends adult men consume no more than three standard drinks a day and women? Two.

  • 78% = number of recently surveyed beer purchasers who regularly choose to have two alcohol-free nights
  • Women (81%) were more likely than men (75%) to take an alcohol-free break


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