Mumbai Based Fashion & Lifestyle Influcencers, Siddhant Shah and Nikita Dhongdi gone ‘Big’ with their UNIQUE IDEA

Siddhant Shah and Nikita Dhongdi

In the end of the year 2016, Siddhant (25) started with the idea of making Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Content. He later started an Instagram page in January 2017 to curate Menswear content. Since then, Siddhant has come a long way. His personal style got a lot of appreciation by Magazines , Local & International and various blogs. Siddhant then realised he wanted to expand the wings of content creation in Fashion and Lifestyle. He then happened to meet Nikita (22) at a Modelling shoot for a brand. They then got talking, did a little brainstorming and that’s when Break The Code – Woman was formed. Both have ever since been curating some amazing content for brands and service based companies. They have together worked for over 750+ brands till date.

Siddhant (Break The Code – Man) in his blog, covers Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Fitness. Nikita (Break The Code – Woman) in her blog, covers Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty and Fitness.

All their hard efforts and talent have really paid off because they now not only curate content of Fashion and Lifestyle but also of Food (Break The Code – Food).

Today they are not only Fashion, Lifestyle and Food Influcencers. They are also successful entrepreneurs. They have an Advertising Agency Located in Mumbai with two offices – one at Andheri and the other at Kandivali. They have about 20 employees working under them.

Apart from having such an amazing resume, both are Actors and Professional Models.
Siddhant Shah is a Method Actor and a Professional Model. He has appeared in many TV and Digital Commercials, to name a few Centuary Mattress, Vodafone, Park Avenue, FCUK, ISL, Don & Julio. He has also worked with over 120+ brands as a model. Also, featured in some of the top Magazines like GQ.
On the other hand, Nikita is a Method Actor and has participated and been a Finalist of various pageants in India. She has appeared in a L’OREAL Digital Commercial. Also, has worked with over 50+ brands as a professional model. Not many know but she is also a trained singer.

Siddhant and Nikita are a perfect example to young entrepreneurs and artists.


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