Old things sweet and beautiful

old things

It was an old mobile phone, one of the smallest, a friend said. “It was gifted to me by a close friend,” she said as she dished out the long cherished possession from her bag. I smiled back with glee at seeing a once prized treasure which now is outdated. But the tiny phone has a long story, inspiring and healing…

It has come a long way… crossed many borders, sailed many seas and passed many years. The phone worked as more than a mere virtual connection between the two friends. It strengthened their bond which began as a small happy moment. The moment of joy lingered long after the thrill was gone. And the pleasure of recalling the story remains deeply seeded.

As I listened to her stories, why she still kept the phone, I thought about the small treasure box kept in the closet. It holds many small odd items. They, somehow, are of no use now, yet they are treasured because of the sentiments attached to them and they hold so many happy moments of the time you found or bought them, or got as gifts. They bring back many sweet memories.

Then, there are the assorted cups of different colours, shapes and sizes in the kitchen cabinet. Like the “Little green bottles”, the once beautiful cups in sets, all accidently broke one after the other. One or two of each set may be still hanging in the nooks. They, too, hold different stories of times gone by. Some happy, some sad, but they all hold sweet old memories.

Of course, there are many such small things, which help you reminisce the past.

Small and old, yet they make up a real “feel good” factor in life. Sometimes it helps to rummage through your old things. The pleasure and the unexplainable feeling of sweet recall can be quite therapeutic and provide healing to your body, mind and soul.

Let the unsullied happiness that old things hold fill your heart and make you glow. After all, happiness is healing. Stay healthy and strong. Heal your body, mind and soul with simple, yet priceless pleasure.




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