The sweet healing fragrance


Pressure at work or stress at workplace can pull you down and your productivity. Prolonged stress can trigger many ailments and diseases. The constant exposure to different uncomfortable situations and environment at work place can harm an employee not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Use of aromatherapy can be a good stress buster. The sweet fragrance of essential oils can work wonders to your weary body and mind.

Symptoms of stress at workplace include headaches, lethargy, mood and sleep disturbances, upset stomach, loss of sense of humour, irritability, depression and disturbed relationships with family and friends. Other symptoms include making errors, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling angry and defensive. The healing properties of aromatherapy can help you cope with all stress-related problems and regain your health and enhance productivity.

How Aromatherapy heals:

It relaxes your body and mind, stimulates immune system, relieves cramps and headaches, energises and rejuvenates your body and mind, improves blood circulation and drives away cold and other ailments.

How to use aromatherapy at work:

Heat and diffuse essential oils and allow their molecules to be released into the work space. Inhaling different essential oils can alter your mood, stimulate creativity, help concentration and rid the area of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Lavender oil: According to a study, lavender oil can help reduce computer errors by at least 25 per cent. Put a drop of the oil in a small ball of cotton or tissue paper, or apply a drop on your wrist or behind the ears. For diffusers, use four to six drops of it.

Neroli oil: It relieves you of mental exhaustion and agitation. It improves concentration. Put just a drop or two of Neroli oil on a cotton bud or tissue paper and place it near your work station. Soon you will find the fragrance working for you. For diffusers, use four to six drops of it.

Basil oil: A regular use ensures better concentration and clarity of thought to keep you going at work. Just take a bowl of water and put less than a drop of basil oil in it. Now, soak a towel in it and then use it to wipe off your face or body. You can also put one-tenth of a drop of this oil behind your ear. The fragrance will give relax you.

Rosemary oil: Loss of memory, lethargy and strain can be treated with rosemary oil. It strengthens the immune system. Used it in a bath or in a diffuser.

Now, let the sweet fragrance of floral and essential oils take away all your stress and help you function better at workplace.




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