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Twitter Will Enable Brands to Create Custom Hearts for Periscope Videos

I’ve always been a little fascinated as to how much people actually care about this, but either way, Twitter has announced a new option which will enable brands to purchase Custom Hearts for their Periscope videos. Custom Hearts are exactly as they sound – rather than the generic Periscope hearts that float up on screen during a broadcast, brands will be able to create their own, campaign-specific logos and icons for people to apply during the broadcast. Here are some examples of how they look in practice: As explained by Twitter: “Periscope…

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New drug shows promise in repairing failing hearts

New drug shows promise in repairing failing hearts A new experimental drug has shown promise in restoring cardiac function after heart failure, according to results of an early human trial. The researchers found that an infusion of the drug cimaglermin was generally tolerated except for transient nausea and headache. “These findings support continued clinical development of the investigational drug cimaglermin, including further safety evaluations and detailing the potential improvement on clinical heart failure outcome measures,” said lead author of the study Daniel Lenihan from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, US….

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