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Vaccine shows promise in fight against breast cancer

An experimental vaccine is safe and effectively stimulates the immune system leading to regression of early-stage breast cancer, show results of a clinical trial. The researchers created the vaccine from immune cells called dendritic cells that are harvested from each individual patient to create a personalised vaccine. The immune cell vaccine targets the HER2 protein on breast cancer cells. The HER2 protein is overexpressed in 20-25 per cent of all breast cancer tumors and is associated with aggressive disease and poor prognosis. Researchers had previously shown that immune cells are…

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New drug shows promise in repairing failing hearts

New drug shows promise in repairing failing hearts A new experimental drug has shown promise in restoring cardiac function after heart failure, according to results of an early human trial. The researchers found that an infusion of the drug cimaglermin was generally tolerated except for transient nausea and headache. “These findings support continued clinical development of the investigational drug cimaglermin, including further safety evaluations and detailing the potential improvement on clinical heart failure outcome measures,” said lead author of the study Daniel Lenihan from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, US….

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6 Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice: A Promise of Good Health

When I think of sugarcane juice, the first thing which comes to mind are the busy by-lanes of Karol Bagh, Delhi: vendors offering poor imitations of Gucci handbags and Rolex watches, women sprinting through the crowd trying to get from one shop to another, the faint smell of hot pooris and Punjabi chana, the constant high-pitched rings of rikshaw bells and a few dozen sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras) carts parked at every street corner. In the sweltering heat, I’d jostle my way to the sugarcane juice guy and watch…

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