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Nanorobots developed at IISC Bangalore hold promise for cancer treatment

Researchers at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore have developed a method of using nanorobots to deliver payloads to specific parts of a living cell–a breakthrough that could transform cancer treatment. “We can now very precisely move it from point A and B, that too inside a living cell,” Malay Pal, a co-author of the paper published in the journal Advanced Materials, said. The breakthrough for the Bangalore team is the use of rotating magnetic fields to guide the probes instead of using more conventional tools such as ultrasound or chemicals. The…

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Mumbai, Bangalore Ranked Among Cheapest Cities in World: Report

London: Mumbai and Bangalore are among the cheapest cities in the world, according to a top London-based forecast group that named Singapore as the most expensive city. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Singapore as the priciest ahead of Zurich, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris. It also said India and Pakistan accounted for five of the ten least expensive cities in the world. London was sixth and New York seventh on the list that compared the cost of a basket of goods across 133 cities, BBC News reported. The cheapest were…

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