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Is Quitting Sugar Completely A Healthy Option?

Regular consumption of sugar is said to have many repercussions; it may cause diabetes, obesity and other health issues. When you tend to consume excessive sugar, it may affect your liver, increase uric acid levels, causes metabolic dysfunction and trap you into this vicious cycle of craving and bingeing on sweets. While eating excessive sugar can be dangerous, quitting it completely can be equally harmful; we are not talking about white refined sugar, but natural sugars. Let’s find out if quitting sugar completely is a good option. Sugar Addiction What does excessive sugar consumption do…

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Yoga Helps Considerably in Quitting Tobacco: Study

Nearly eighty-five per cent of tobacco addicts can quit the habit of consuming nicotine products just by meditation, a study said. The study that commenced in early 2014, conducting tests on 1,021 tobacco addicts of various forms, also found that the person did not relapse into addiction once he had quit the habit through meditation. The study showed 62 per cent of tobacco addicts of various forms who attended regular Yoga classes quit nicotine use within one month, while the non-regulars took a little more time to do so. “Apart…

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Smoking Impacts DNA Even 30 Years After Quitting

Smoking, a leading preventable cause of deaths worldwide, impacts the human DNA for more than 30 years even after one quits, a study has found. The findings showed that smoking leaves its “footprint” on the human genome in the form of DNA methylation — a process by which cells control gene activity. Methylation, one of the mechanisms of the regulation of gene expression, affects what genes are turned on, which has implications for the development of smoking-related diseases. “Our study has found compelling evidence that smoking has a long-lasting impact…

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