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3-D Printed Ovaries Can Help Restore Fertility in Female Cancer Survivors

In its one-of-a-kind discovery, experts at the Northwestern University in America were able to successfully implant 3-dimensional ovaries in female mice. These bioprosthetic ovaries housed immature eggs and were able to produce healthy offspring in mice. “Using bioengineering, instead of transplanting from a cadaver – to create organ structures that function and restore the health of that tissue for that person – is the holy grail of bioengineering for regenerative medicine,” noted Teresa K Woodruff, from Northwestern’s Women’s Health Research Institute in the US.   The team created biological hydrogel…

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Scientists restore vision in blind mice

In a major breakthrough, scientists have successfully restored vision in mice affected by glaucoma-like condition. The unprecedented, if partial, restoration could pave the way to future work that enables blind people to see, the study said. Cataracts can often be surgically removed, but there’s no cure for glaucoma, said the study’s senior author Andrew Huberman, Associate Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine Glaucoma, caused by excessive pressure on the optic nerve, affects nearly 70 million people worldwide. Vision loss due to optic-nerve damage can also accrue from…

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