Tried the floating eyeliner yet?

Tried the floating eyeliner yet?
Tired of perfecting your winged eyeliner? Here’s a trend that lets your eyeliner float! Called the floating eyeliner, this eye makeup trend is for those who want to try something different. This is perhaps an extension of negative space eyeliner. But what makes this one different is that you will just have to draw a line on your eyelid without connecting them to your inner or outer eye. Though, they might look strange at first glance, this trend has taken the social media by storm with makeup lovers trying it out! Here’s how you do it…

  • Floating eyeliner is simple so you don’t have to stress about drawing the perfect line. All you need is a good brush, the thickness of which depends on how you want it.
  • First draw the usual eyeliner on top of your eyelid. Then, use the brush to draw a line on your crease. Let it dry and you’re set!
  • If you think it is too plain, use eye-shadow and then draw the line on your crease. This would add more glam to your eyes.
  • And if you like bold makeup, then simply draw the line on your crease without applying the eyeliner above your lid.
  • If you think simple is way too boring, then you can try the floating eyeliner in a winged design, too. Take a look at the girl on the top right who has done her version of winged in the floating eyeliner look. And if you are not much of a winged eyeliner person? You can create a different pattern or your own design to make your eyes look fun and chic at the same time.


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